Josée Gagné, B.A., F. Pl

Investment Advisor

Languages: French


Ms. Gagné is a graduate of Université Laval. She is a financial planner and has worked in the finance field since 1986, in particular with financial institutions. She joined the Desjardins Securities team in June 2001.

She stood out in 2003 with a “Emeritus Advisor” mention. At the October 2006 convention of Desjardins Securities, she received the certificate of excellence in the “Client Orientation” category.

Ms. Gagné works primarily in developing and implementing wealth management plans. She stays in constant touch with her clients.

Her target clientele consists of people who need smart advice in:

  • Managing their investments;
  • Managing tax efficiency;
  • Overall planning of their assets, including the wealth of family members.

Gagné-Veillette Team

Working as a team since 2001 to offer a continuous presence and complementarity in our service offering. We follow a simple, transparent and efficient approach to make the client experience a long-term relationship.


Our wealth management method gives our clients the benefit of a rigorous approach that enables them to fulfil their financial goals. We aim to be their close partner in this approach.

Investment Philosophy

We aim to build portfolios that help preserve capital and achieve growth over the long term. Our portfolios also take account of the tax impact. Asset allocation is a key factor that helps add value to our management. We first conduct an analysis of macroeconomic conditions (top-down approach) to go overweight or underweight, according to what we are expecting. Then we select particular stocks (bottom-up approach).

We prefer to invest in first-rate companies that meet certain criteria, including the following:

  • Generate stable profits, with rising dividends;
  • Have low debt rations;
  • Provide stable earnings with an upward trend.

This helps reduce the volatility of investments and promotes capital growth in the long term. Portfolios are rebalanced as required based on our targeted weightings.

What sets us apart

People often invest on a piecemeal basis and lack an overall strategy. We have therefore instituted a way of operating that promotes transparency in portfolio management as well as in the investment process and fee structure to help people make informed decisions and keep to an overall investment strategy.

Our value lies in our ability to present a comprehensive wealth management approach and in our capacity to create value for our clients through portfolio management that provides a proper balance between risk management and investment performance.


A relationship of trust is essential to working well together with our clients. As such, we believe firmly in these principles:

  • Our high ethical standards have enabled us to work in the financial field for more than 25 years.
  • We have instituted structured working methods to promote discipline.
  • We convey simple and transparent information to our clients at all times.
  • We are accessible. 

Our community commitment is important to us. In real terms, this has led to our involvement with organizations such as:

  • Fondation de l'Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis (annual “Défi Vélo” fundraising drive): Our team takes the lead in motivating a group of brokers from the Desjardins Securities branch to form a team that takes part in the event, and we are regularly among the top donors.
  • Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Lévis (annual “Grande Guignolée” fundraising drive): We motivate all employees of the Desjardins Securities branch in Lévis to go out and collect funds at the intersections of a busy boulevard in Lévis.

Service Offer

Our service offer focuses on the analysis of particular stocks. This analysis is provide under three different forms of management, namely:

  • Fee-based based discretionary management;
  • Fee-based alone;
  • Commission-based.

Our approach is customized, often in partnership with our clients' professionals. Our offer stands out through our guidance in fulfilling your own goals, with the tax impact minimized. Our aim is to be the financial expert who helps you stay on course toward meeting your financial goals.

Biographies of my colleagues

  • Alain Veillette, FCSI®, CPA, CGA

    Vice-President, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

    Languages: French, English


    Mr. Veillette is an accountant by training. Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute since 1993, he has been registered with the self-regulatory organizations as a portfolio manager since 2009 and has been Vice-President since 2003. He has also been manager of the Lévis branch since 2000.

    Mr. Veillette focuses in particular on analysis of economic conditions and on strategic decisions related to portfolio management. He specializes in managing Canadian and U.S. equities and is in direct contact with clients.

    The target clientele consists of people who need smart advice in:

    • Managing their investments;
    • Managing tax efficiency;
    • Overall planning of their assets, including the wealth of family members.


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