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In this clip, Marjorie Minet, director for Brokerage and Private Management Business Administration at Desjardins, explains the key benefits of the two new reports now included with Desjardins Securities portfolio statements.

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[Elegant music begins. Different parts of Desjardins Securities' head office appear on screen including, primarily, the prestigious trading floor where many employees work.  These images give way to a shot of the firm's logo and the website. This shot gives way to Mrs Marjorie Minet, whom we see appearing on a balcony overlooking the trading floor where employees are busy working].

Marjorie Minet : Hi,

I’m Marjorie Minet, and I’m a director for Brokerage and Private Management Business Administration at Desjardins.

Today I’ll be talking about the benefits of the new Desjardins Securities portfolio statements, which now come with two new reports.

These reports give clear information on the fluctuations in value for each of your accounts, the rate of return on your investments and the fees we charge.

The first report on your investment returns will tell you about changes in the value of your investments over different periods of time. We give you this information from two different angles. First, we tell you the fluctuation in market value, meaning the dollar value of the changes in your investments from the start of the year and from when you first opened the account.

Then, we tell you the rate of return for your investments. This is a personal rate of return that factors in all of the fund movements in your accounts. This means deposits, withdrawals, dividends and interest, as well as the dates they occurred. When you analyze your returns, you should keep in mind that they reflect the investor profile you decided on with your advisor, especially when it comes to investment goals and risk tolerance.

The second report includes information on fees and other forms of remuneration. It tells you about the commissions, fees and charges collected either directly or indirectly by Desjardins Securities over the last year. These costs go towards the services you use, including advisory services from your investment advisor.

Your advisor helps you determine your investor profile, investment objectives, investment horizon and risk tolerance. They plan financial and fiscal strategies that meet your needs, recommend investment products, build and monitor your portfolio, and rebalance it on a regular basis.

They’re with you at every stage of your life and help you achieve your financial goals. I recommend you also watch the Finance Matters video about the value of advice at

These fees also cover everything that is set up by Desjardins Securities to carefully administer your accounts, such as researching and analyzing products, processing transactions, preparing portfolio summaries and tax slips, and compliance services.

This new portfolio summary helps us be more transparent with you. Feel free to contact your investment advisor if you have any questions.

 [The music begins again. The website address appears in the middle of the screen and the following text appears at the bottom of the screen « Desjardins Wealth Management Securities is a trade name used by Desjardins Securities Inc. Desjardins Securities Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada ( IIROC ) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). ». These images end with the Desjardins Securities logo. ]

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