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In this webcast - In 2017, active management can make a difference : with our expert Michel Doucet.

SUBJECT: Active management

EXPERTS : Michel Doucet

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Michel Doucet (B. Sc., CIM®, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Advisory Group)

Since November, north american stock markets are going from record to record. Easily one could find that this rally is Trump related. Yes, but one should not under estimate the full force of the economic momentum in the U.S.

Trump’s fiscal and budget proposals, if they are approved by the House and Congress, will add fuel to an already burning fire. For the stock market, lower corporate taxes and the special tax on offshore cash will be very bullish going forward if they are adopted.

What’s bullish for stocks is also bearish for bonds. For the first time since 2008, the U.S. economy will be fueled by the full force of monetary, budgetary and fiscal policies. This is bound to add fuel to a burning fire. Thus, generating inflationary pressures and forcing the hand of investors to review their inflation forecast. All in all, economic wise, this backdrop is bullish for the economy and will tilt the hand of the Fed with regards to its monetary policy.

After more than 30 years, the bond market will shift from bull to bear. Although Canada’s economic backdrop is more nuanced than in the States, our bond market will be influenced by unfolding events south of the border. Joined to the hip, the Canadian bond market will follow US bonds where they go.

For investors, this change in trend will have an impact on portfolio returns in 2017. Since 1956, it’s noteworthy to remember that bonds have generated returns of some 8%. Such returns in bonds have contributed to generate the overall return of a 50/50 portfolio to more than 9% annually since 1956.

Going forward, it will be no easy task to generate a 5% plus return in a 50/50 portfolio without the helping hands of bonds. Supposing a 7% return for stocks, this translates into a 3.5% in a 50/50 portfolio. This is where active management can make a difference. 2017 will tilt the hand of investors in actively managing their country, sector and style mix with regard to stocks. 2017 also rimes with prudence with regards to bonds. Investors will want to favor short term bonds and a low exposure to duration.

Inertia is not an option in 2017! Until next time, active management is your friend!

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