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In this webcast - Banking Sector: Caution! with our expert Jean-René Ouellet.

SUBJECT : Banking sector

EXPERTS : Jean-René Ouellet

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Jean-René Ouellet (MBA, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Advisory Group)

Over the last decade, Canadian banks generously rewarded investors. They were supported by strong economic growth, a confident consumer demanding more loans, more growth, and they were able to post top line growth, net income growth, and they were able to raise dividends many many times paid to shareholders. Now, they face a much tougher environment. Canadian economic growth is to be at best modest.

Regulators are currently contemplating many new rules for the banks. One of which is to make sure that they share some risks when they write new mortgages, even if those are insured at the CMHC. Doing so, the banks would either have the option to raise the cost of the mortgages or either reduce the availability of such mortgages.

Take it one way or the other, long growth will be obviously challenged. This is only one measure. But regulators are contemplating fifteen new measures. None of these measures is unmanageable for the banks but taken together they represent a significant challenge.

These measures would clearly put pressure on revenue growth, profitability or maybe both. As banks represent a significant portion of the TSX, they cannot be avoided altogether. However, investors will need to be highly selected within their exposure and may also want to diversify away within the asset managers or the Lifeco which face a more friendly environment.

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