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At Desjardins, we set ourselves apart from the competition. To better serve you, we offer products and services exclusive to Desjardins Securities.

The Desjardins Securities Elite Program: Transparent and comprehensive

The Desjardins Securities Elite Program involves a fee-based brokerage account where investment advisor commissions are replaced by a flat fee based on the value of your assets. Regardless of the type of account you choose, you'll be able to:

  • Optimize the discussions you have with your advisor about your investments
  • Better manage the cost of your investment advisor's services
  • Get fee-related tax benefits
  • Benefit from not paying certain management fees

And you'll no longer have to worry about paying commissions on each trade.

In addition to these advantages, you'll also have substantial privilegesFootnote 2:

  • You can pay lower fees if you and a spouse or family member combine your assetsFootnote 2.
  • As your assets grow, you might pay a lower rate on certain investment products.

According to your investor profile, you can pick one of three Elite Program options: Elite Basic, Elite Intermediate and Elite FLEXible. Your investment advisor can help you choose the option that's right for you. Each option comes with a specific number of commission-free trades.

A wide range of new issues

If you're interested in new issues from successful companies, our investment advisors can help.

Our advisors have access to a wide range of new issues and can notify you as soon as an issue becomes available. They'll also recommend the best course of action based on your profile and risk tolerance. Our experts are always on the lookout for good market opportunities, but first and foremost, they're here to give you thorough, sound advice.

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  1. Certain conditions apply. Return to footnote 1 referrer
  2. Consult your investment advisor to learn more about the Elite Program and its new privileges. Return to footnote 2 referrer
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