Our History

Desjardins Securities was the first brokerage firm to put down roots across the province. By building on a corporate culture essentially based on the extensive expertise of our advisors, the quality of our services, and the reliability of Desjardins Group, we have enjoyed rapid growth!

Desjardins Securities was founded in 1991, a few months after Desjardins Group - External link. This link will open in a new window. acquired the Disnat online brokerage firm and the Deragon Langlois full-service brokerage firm.

At the time, our team comprised only 50 persons – including just five investment advisors! But from the outset, we adopted four values dear to Desjardins: family spirit, exemplary dedication to our clients, transparency, and excellence of service. An approach that quickly paid dividends, since one year later, we already had assets under management of close to $1 billion.

Around the mid-1990s, we underwent rapid expansion. Realizing that some areas of the province were rather poorly served in terms of investment advisory services, and that many investors were having difficulty finding specialists who could help them make informed decisions, we started to recruit financial experts in the regions who were closely involved in the growth of their respective communities. The Victoriaville, Rouyn, Sainte-Foy and Sherbrooke branches were thus established, and even today one of our main competitive advantages is Desjardins' proximity almost everywhere in Quebec.

Our members and clients can count on the expertise of our 360 investment advisors across our 44 points of service: 42 in Quebec and 2 in Ontario. You'll have access to the largest network of wealth management specialists.

With over $37 billion in assets under management,Footnote 1 since its inception Desjardins Securities has been managed by recognized financial experts who helped forge the reputation that it enjoys today.

A prestigious address

To enhance all our services, we moved our head office in December 2007 to the Windsor. Reconverted into a place of business, this sumptuous Montreal hotel, which had welcomed King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, Princess Elizabeth (the future Queen Elizabeth II) and Prince Phillip, John F. Kennedy and Charles de Gaulle, regained its lustre by obtaining LEED® Gold certification.

With its ecological design, including the use of local materials and efficient management of energy and water consumption, the building is in perfect alignment with Desjardins Group's sustainable development policy.

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