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When you run a business, it's not always easy to balance your professional life and your family life. However, there's a simple way to decrease your work hours while increasing your chances of success: Let our specialists handle your key financial or tax matters.

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Regardless of the field you work in, you’ll certainly agree that the recipe for success depends above all on the quality of the service you offer. So we will do everything we can to satisfy your business needs by offering you customized investment, financing, business transfer, or retirement plan solutions.

Investment Solutions

After taking the time to understand the particularities of your business, our wealth managers will be well placed to offer you personalized solutions.

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Corporate Financing

If you want to expand your services by upgrading your equipment or by raising capital for the opening of a new point of sale, you can count on the expertise of our corporate financing specialists.

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Business Transfer

Ensuring the long-term sustainability of your business is undoubtedly one of your primary concerns. By implementing an effective succession strategy now, you can more easily secure the future of your firm.

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Individual Pension Plan

Even if you manage your company well, managing your retirement savings plan may require a helping hand. To maximize the benefits, our wealth managers will show you all the advantages of a IPP.

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Group Retirement Savings PlanFootnote 1

By choosing a group retirement savings plan for your employees, you will give them the invaluable opportunity to achieve their key life projects.

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  1. Services offered through Desjardins Financial Security. Return to footnote 1 referrer
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