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Keeping in mind your investor profile, which will evolve as your career progresses and as your life projects change, our wealth managers will use their expertise to recommend the products best suited to your situation.

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When it comes to investing in securities, a well-diversified portfolio is often the best way to obtain positive returns. Our wealth managers know this better than anyone and, to help you achieve financial success, they will make available to you a wide array of investment vehicles.

  • Common shares, preferred shares, flow-through shares (tax shelter), foreign shares and other shares trading on North American stock exchanges
  • Federal, provincial, municipal and corporate bonds and debentures and strips
  • Savings bonds, Treasury bills, and bankers’ acceptances
  • Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and index funds
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  • Private placements, structured products, etc.
  • OptionsFootnote 1
  • Life insuranceFootnote 2

To learn more about our products, contact one of our wealth managers.

  1. Investors should read the document describing the risks inherent in trading options. Return to footnote 1 referrer
  2. Life insurance is offered by Desjardins Securities Financial Services. Return to footnote 1 referrer
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