Discretionary Management

Investing intelligently can also mean delegating your daily investment decisions to one of our portfolio managers. This way, you can engage in your favourite activities while we manage your portfolio.

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Signing up for our Portfolio Manager Advisor Program is one of the best ways to optimize the potential of your portfolio while spending minimal time on it.

As soon as all your financial objectives are clearly established, an experienced specialist will take charge of managing your assets and buying or selling your investment products. Timely trades can then be made for you in order to take advantage of market opportunities, without disturbing you as you go about your daily routine!

Your portfolio manager has all the necessary qualifications to make informed decisions for you, so you can fully enjoy your precious free time.

Benefits of this Program

  1. A well-established management framework 
    The management of your portfolio is based on an investment policy that is both clear and totally transparent, so you are kept informed of changes to your investments.
  2. Delegation of daily decision making
    As securities are bought and sold without any involvement on your part, you can go about your daily routine with peace of mind.
  3. A portfolio tailored to your needs 
    According to your risk tolerance and your investment objectives, your manager will personalize your portfolio so that it perfectly reflects your needs.
  4. Direct access to your portfolio manager
    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your portfolio manager, who will always be at your disposal.

To learn more about this program, contact one of our wealth managers.

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