Finding Business Solutions for your Company

You own a business and your investment and financing needs are often complex? Good news: we can simplify your life!

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At Desjardins Securities, we understand that dealing with financial or tax issues is not always easy when you have tight deadlines to meet and numerous decisions to make each day.

Your heavy work schedule leaves you little time to find the best financing solutions or to think of planning your retirement, your succession, and the transfer of your business?

Thanks to the expertise and effectiveness of our wealth managers, your busy schedule will no longer be an obstacle to securing the future of the business you spent so many years building.

In addition to offering you specialized financial planning and estate planningFootnote 1 services, our wealth managers will recommend turnkey wealth management and financingFootnote 2 solutions.

Business Services

Our wealth managers can help you with both your personal finances and those of your business.

Learn more about our business services

  1. Services offered through Desjardins Securities Financial Services. Return to footnote 1 referrer
  2. Services offered through the Corporate Finance Division of Desjardins Securities. Return to footnote 2 referrer
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