David Asselin, M. Sc., CFA

Investment Advisor

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Languages: French, English


David Asselin completed an M.Sc. (Finance) at Université de Sherbrooke and then in 2013, he went on to obtain the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, one of the most prestigious professional titles in the finance field.

Before joining Desjardins Securities in 2019, he worked for major investment firms including Placements Mackenzie and Fidelity Investments, where he acted as District Vice-President. His knowledge of investment products, such as exchange-traded funds, mutual funds and alternative products, is a valuable asset to the team.

• Portfolio management
• Macroeconomic risk analysis
• Client relations management

Gouin Asselin Group

We’re a solid team that strives to meet each client’s unique needs through tactical planning and action. We develop personalized investment strategies to help clients grow their wealth in a way that works for them. We believe that transparency and close collaboration are the foundation of trusting relationships.


Our goal is to offer comprehensive investment services to help clients grow their wealth.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the principle that our clients worked hard to build their wealth and it is our responsibility to protect it.

We aim for steady, predictable growth. Our goal is to provide sufficient protection against downturns while capitalizing on opportunities when the market is strong.

What sets us apart

We never leave anything to chance and we always go the extra mile to provide comprehensive services, including:
• Sharing our experience and knowledge with clients
• Listening carefully to each client’s personal investment needs
• Developing personalized investment strategies
• Seeking out tax-efficient solutions


Professionalism – We believe in the importance of continuous improvement, especially in our field. That’s why we’re firmly committed to expanding our skills.

Humility – We acknowledge that there’s no such thing as a crystal ball, which is an important realization for all decision-makers. We strive to strike a balance between our beliefs and the importance of meeting portfolio performance targets over our client base’s lifecycle.

Integrity and transparency – These fundamental values form the basis of all our relationships. Integrity and transparency enable us to establish trust and reassure our clients that we always have their best interest in mind.

Service Offer

We work with a network of experts (1) to offer comprehensive wealth management services, including:
• Portfolio management
• Tax, financial and estate planning
• Tax support from our in-house specialists
• Assistance for the whole family
• Risk management

1. These services are provided by Desjardins Securities Financial Services Inc., a caisse or an external professional.

Biographies of my colleagues

  • Louis-David Gouin, MBA, Eng., CIM®

    Investment Advisor

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025203

    Languages: French, English


    Louis-David Gouin holds an MBA from HEC Montréal, as well as a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Université Laval.

    Before switching to finance, he spent several years working as a consulting engineer for various manufacturing firms across Quebec. He got his start in the financial sector working for well-known institutions such as Fidelity Investments and CIBC Asset Management, where he acted as Regional Director.

    With in-depth knowledge of investment products and strong analytical skills, he’s known for providing clients with expert advice.

    • Business development
    • Portfolio management
    • Client relations management

  • Florence M Cloutier, BBA

    Investment Assistant

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025285

    Languages: French, English

    Florence M Cloutier holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and is an experienced associate who, as an investment assistant, oversees the execution of transactions and provides service to our clients in terms of administrative account management.

    • Customer Service
    • Trading execution


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