David Paré, BBA, CIM®, F. Pl

Portfolio Manager, Wealth Manager

T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025222

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Languages: French


  • Chartered Investment Manager designation from the Canadian Securities Institute (CIM®)
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Université Laval
  • Financial planner (F. Pl.)
  • More than 24 years of industry experience
  • Expertise: investment strategy and wealth management; sits on the team’s investment committee
  • He’s a regular contributor to the “Train de vie” column in

David is composed, approachable and responsive. He’s good at identifying our clients’ main challenges and understanding their specific wealth management needs, so he can develop strategies to meet those needs.

Lacasse Paré Bédard Team accréditation excellence

Excellence Accreditation

Excellence accreditation attests that the wealth manager's practice meets the highest standards of quality in order to offer you an unparalleled experience in meeting your financial needs. This distinction is awarded exclusively to Desjardins Securities wealth managers who participate in a continuous development and improvement program.

The Lacasse Paré Bédard Team, building on solid ground!

A team committed to serving you, consisting of François Lacasse, David Paré and Vincent Bédard.


Being our clients’ primary partner in fulfilling their financial goals through a human and personalized approach marked by great affinity.

Investment Philosophy

We favour a fundamental approach. Stock analysis helps achieve risk management and long-term growth. Financial strength, earnings growth, business prospects, quality of the management team and share value are among the criteria that influence stock selection. We reduce risk by setting minimum and maximum weightings for each asset class and each economic sector.

What sets us apart

We offer our clients continuous affinity and guidance in their decision-making and in the fulfilment of their financial goals.

Through transparency, accessibility and personalized service, we build a relationship of long-term trust with our clients.


  • Transparency: to build a relationship based on trust
  • Ethics and rigour: leaving northing to chance
  • Respect: for your plans and your ideas
  • Attentiveness: to understand you clearly
  • Affinity: for a long-term business relationship

Service Offer

What we offer are strategies, not products.

We hold the view that meeting your financial goals starts by developing a financial plan. We therefore offer you a structured approach that gives you a clear view of your financial position.

When it comes to investment, we provide our clients with a logical framework that lets them avoid having their decisions dictated by emotion. We always bear in mind that we are investors, not speculators.

We choose to invest only in what we know well. This gives us better risk control.

Biographies of my colleagues

  • François Lacasse, BBA, CIM®

    Portfolio Manager, Senior Wealth Manager

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025253

    Languages: French, English

    • Chartered Investment Manager designation from the Canadian Securities Institute (CIM®)
    • Bachelor’s degree in finance from Université Laval
    • Certificate in marketing from Champlain College (Vermont)
    • With Desjardins Securities since 2000
    • Expertise: fixed-income securities and North American equities

    François is analytical, level-headed and thoughtful, and an inspiration to the team. He puts together the general guidelines for managing North American investments, which are his area of expertise.

  • Vincent Bédard, BBA, CIM®

    Portfolio Manager, Wealth Manager

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 264

    Languages: French, English


    • Chartered Investment Manager designation from the Canadian Securities Institute (CIM®)
    • Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Université Laval
    • Courses on securities and investment management techniques from CSI
    • Joined Desjardins Securities over 15 years ago
    • Expertise: investment strategies and follow up with customers

    Vincent is pragmatic and energetic and committed to our clients’ well-being. He sits on the team’s investment committee and helps manage portfolios. He works closely with our clients and makes sure investment strategies are implemented.

  • Michaël Filion, BBA, CIM®, F. Pl

    Wealth Manager

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025243

    Languages: French, English

    • Bachelor of business administration from Université Laval
    • Financial Planner (F. Pl.)
    • Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®)
    • More than 5 years of industry experience

    Michaël is calm, composed and mindful of keeping strategies on track so you can reach your financial goals. As a member of the team's investment committee, he's involved in managing portfolios and he'll be able to guide you in your wealth management.

  • Catherine Frisque,

    Wealth Management Associate

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025207

    Languages: French

    • Certificate in business administration from Université Laval
    • Certificate in financial planning from IQFP
    • Over 25 years of experience in the financial industry
    • Worked in the Desjardins caisse network for many years and knows it well
    • Expertise: processes and coordinating operations

     Catherine is meticulous and has great organizational skills, both assets in her work coordinating operations and making sure internal processes are followed. She’s also responsible for the Excellence Program standards.

  • Andrée Côté,

    Wealth Management Assistant

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025247

    Languages: French

    • More than 34 years of experience in the financial sector
    • More than 13 years in the Desjardins caisse network
    • More than 21 years with Desjardins Securities

    Andrée is a proactive assistant who supports investment advisors in their work and diligently follows up with clients.

  • Manon Pageau,

    Wealth Management Associate

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025225

    Languages: French

    • Over 10 years of experience with Desjardins Group
    • Joined the team in January 2018
    • Expertise: customer serviceManon is efficient.

    She supports investment advisors in their work and diligently follows up with clients.


  • Maude Allaire,

    Wealth Management Assistant

    Languages: French, English

    Maude has been with the team since November 2023 and has 5 years of experience in the Caisse network. She supports wealth managers in everything they do. She's detail-oriented and follows up closely with our clients.
  • Léna Kerroch,

    Wealth Management Assistant

    Languages: French, English

    With the team since January 2021, Léna has demonstrated her expertise for transactional support and managing registered plans. With her ability to synthesize, Léna is an invaluable resource when it comes time to meet our clients' needs. Proactive and thorough, she helps us elevate our customer service standards.
  • Alain Chevalier, MBA, F. Pl

    Business Transfer Coach

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborator | Desjardins Securities Inc.

    Alain Chevalier has over 45 years of experience in the banking industry. He has held different positions within companies involved in financial planning and advisory services.

    By drawing on a coaching approach, he has been able to give a human dimension to his financial planning knowledge, and he has supported more than 1,000 business owners reflect on and carry out their plans to transfer or sell their business. Positioning himself as a coach, he works to ensure that all parties involved can collaborate to achieve a common goal.

  • Audréanne Leblanc,

    Financial Planner

    Languages: French

    Collaborator | Desjardins Trust Inc.

    Audréanne Leblanc has a bachelor's degree in financial services from Université Laval and a master's degree in tax law from HEC Montréal. She has 10 years of experience in the financial industry. Before joining Desjardins as a financial planner, she worked as a tax advisor in an accounting firm in addition to working with various institutions that operate in the fields of financial planning and taxation.

  • Équipe de notaires,

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborators | Desjardins Wealth Management


    Anne-Marie Fournier is a financial planner and notary. She currently serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Geneviève Forest is a notary and serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Geneviève D'Amours, who has been a notary since 2009, serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Amandine Bourillon has completed studies in notarial law in both France and Quebec and is a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    André Auclair is a notary and serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Catherine Beauchamp is a notary and is currently a team leader and senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.

  • Réal Dubuc,

    Financial Security Advisor

    Languages: French

    Collaborators | Desjardins Securities Financial services inc.

    Réal joined the Desjardins Insurance team in 2003. He specializes in life and health insurance for Desjardins's mass-affluent members. Thanks to his personalized approach, he's made his mark more than 15 times as one of Quebec's top-performing financial security advisors. A businessman at heart, Réal understands the reality of entrepreneurs in the commercial, real estate and agricultural sectors. He's also a manager in sales and clients service, and he's firmly focused on reaching his clients' goals.

  • Équipe de conseillers principaux en fiscalité,

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborators | Wealth Management

    Jérôme Dostie-Bourgault

    A lawyer by trade for over 10 years, Jérôme specialized in international taxation with a global professional services firm. He quickly turned his attention to individuals facing challenges abroad—particularly in the United States—whether in business or not.

    Mathieu Pelletier

    Mathieu has a master's degree in taxation and has been working as a tax specialist since 2016 after many years as a financial planner at Desjardins. As a tax specialist, Mathieu has helped business owners with every aspect of their business journey, from the earliest stages to the end of their career, including the sale or transfer of their business.

    Stéphane Thibault

    Stéphane is a chartered professional accountant with a master's degree in tax law. Over the last 15 years, he's gained solid expertise in Canadian and Quebec taxation. He developed in-depth knowledge of tax rules for individuals and businesses, as well as investment, savings and retirement vehicles.


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