Édithe Trépanier

Investment Advisor

T 514-985-3547

Languages: French


As an investment advisor, Ms. Trépanier takes part in business development and plays an active role on the investment committee and the team's various meetings. Aiming to provide top-quality service, she maintains close relations with clients.

Ms. Trépanier has many years' experience in the financial services field and is constantly suggesting innovative investment ideas. A very active advisor who keeps a close eye on financial and economic realities, she is a real asset for the entire group.

Asselin Lévesque Group

With financial markets in constant flux, advice from professionals who stay well informed about general market conditions is a key factor of success for many investors. From this standpoint, our team's role consists precisely of helping attain optimal performance by offering investment products that fit each investor's growth and income goals as well as his or her risk tolerance. We do this through an original customized approach, paying close attention to individual financial requirements.

The aspects that best characterize the Asselin Lévesque Group are speed in responding to you, availability, efficiency and dynamism. Our team's financial advisors meet as a committee once a week to discuss current economic situations and to be able to adopt the best investment strategy for each of our clients. We aim to be an advantage for you in developing your financial strategy.


Our business relationships form the focus of our approach.

We conduct a systematic analysis of your situation to recommend a made-to-measure strategy that fits your needs and expectations. We favour an innovative and promising approach in which development, advice and client follow-up are conducted as efficiently and as dynamically as possible.

In a climate of transparency and integrity, we aim to contribute to optimizing your portfolio through sound asset diversification and tax-efficient investments.

Investment Philosophy

Showing a passionate concern for making our clients' interests the focus of our attention, actions and decisions. This is done with the highest level of integrity, skill and attentiveness with respect to our clients' financial requests and needs.

What sets us apart

What we offer

We conduct a systematic analysis of the unique situation of each of our clients to recommend a made-to-measure strategy that fits their needs and expectations. We take an original and personalized approach, paying close attention to their individual financial requirements.

Unique, with three focuses

  • Risk management: Diversification - Monitoring - Portfolio rebalancing
  • Yield management: Stock selection - Fund analysis - Portfolio allocation
  • Tax efficiency: Control and diversification of income from interest, dividends and capital gains


  • Transparency / integrity
  • Skill / professionalism
  • Human values
  • Dynamism
  • Efficiency
  • Availability

Service Offer

You have the choice:

  • Fees
  • Commissions on trading (traditional formula).

The Asselin Lévesque Group suggests Elite accounts in particular. Their declining rate structure means rates decrease as your assets grow. This makes it worth combining your capital with that of other family members to benefit from a lower rate. In addition, fees for non-registered accounts are tax-deductible.

Moreover, we have an impressive team of professionals whom we can put at your disposal: lawyer, notary, accountant, tax specialist, real estate expert, mergers and acquisitions specialist...

Biographies of my colleagues

  • Matthieu Asselin, MBA

    Investment Advisor

    T 514-281-2334

    Languages: French, English


    The holder of a master's degree in business administration from Université Laval, Mr. Asselin is an investment advisor with a passion for finance who stands out for his human qualities and his deep desire to help investors fulfil their goals. His comprehensive market vision and extensive knowledge of products make him a sought-after and appreciated advisor.

    With his 15 years' experience, he conducts rigorous monitoring and maintains quick, efficient communication with clients, as well as long-lasting solidification of trust-based relationships with clients. Admitted several times to the prestigious President's Circle, he plays an active role in financial decision-making and in strategic and tactical orientations during the weekly investment committee meetings.

  • Germain Lévesque,

    Investment Advisor

    T 514-281-7844

    Languages: French, English


    An investment advisor and Canadian Securities Institute graduate, Mr. Lévesque has 15 years' experience in the securities field. Since 2002, he has taken the time needed to respond adequately to the needs of his various business partners as regards repatriation, financial information and guidance in bringing new development and investment ideas to fruition. His ability to make the most complex notions in the securities field more easily understandable enables clients, right from the initial meeting, to get a good grasp of the portfolio strategies proposed to them.

    His approach with clients is simple: he listens to them, makes sure he understands them, and advises them. Admitted several times to the prestigious President's Circle, he takes part in financial decision-making and in tactical and strategic orientations at the weekly investment committee meetings.

  • Frédérique Bourbeau, CIM®

    Associate Advisor

    T 514-281-7156

    Languages: French, English


    Ms. Bourbeau started working for Desjardins in 2012, and held a number of client service positions in her first three years. In 2015, she joined the Desjardins Securities team as an investment assistant, then went on to become an associate advisor. She has completed several CSI courses and obtained her Certificate in Advanced Investment Advice and the Chartered Investment Manager designation. Her advanced and practical advisory knowledge, as well as her dedication and enthusiasm make her a great asset to our team.

  • Karina Campos,

    Associate Advisor

    T 514-281-2813

    Languages: French, English, Spanish

    Karina Campos began her career in the financial sector in 2008 and joined our team at Desjardins Securities in 2021 as an associate advisor.

    Karina is both experienced and always on the lookout for innovative solutions that meet expectations. She's dynamic, with solid organizational and interpersonal skills, ensuring clients receive impeccable service.

    Karina completed her Canadian Securities Course and Conduct and Practices Handbook Course at the Canadian Securities Institute. She's currently taking more courses to expand her knowledge of securities.

  • Laura Hernandez, B. COM.

    Advisor Assistant

    T 514-281-4258 ext. 5062116

    Languages: French, English, Spanish

    After earning a bachelor's degree in Commerce, with a minor in Sustainability, from Concordia University, Laura began her career in finance in 2021 as an advisor assistant for Team Asselin Lévesque.

    She now has 5 years of experience and provides outstanding administrative support services to our entire team and our clients.

    In addition, Laura is currently completing the Canadian Securities Course at CSI to ensure that she'll always be able to provide our clients with the highest possible standard of service.

  • Julie Kieu, BBA

    Advisor Assistant

    T 514-876-1441

    Languages: French, English, Vietnamese

    Julie Kieu holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from HEC Montréal, with a specialization in finance. She began her career in finance in 2016 and joined the Asselin Lévesque Group in 2021 as an associate advisor.

    Rigorous and meticulously organized, Julie is responsible for the administrative component. She completed her   Canadian Securities Course at the Canadian Securities Institute and is currently taking her Conduct and Practices Handbook Course. She is committed to her professional development, particularly with regards to securities.


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