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After receiving a bachelor’s of finance at Université Laval, François Cantin held a number of positions at two different financial institutions. He then focused his energies on two areas that he was particularly passionate about: financial planning and investment management. He became a certified financial planner with the Institut Québécois de planification financière and an investment advisor. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, he has helped hundreds of families build their wealth and achieve their goals.

Investment Philosophy

After working with you to identify your goals, François will suggest personalized solutions to meet your needs at a risk level that you’re comfortable with. His approach involves limiting risk to protect your capital using specific criteria to eliminate thousands of companies that aren’t a good fit. His approach is a painstaking one, but you’re worth it. Not only is this your money, but also your future.

My approach

  1. RESEARCH: Work together to decide whether wealth management is right for you by looking at your situation and your goals.
  2. STRATEGY: Develop an optimal strategy to reach your goals
  3. IMPLEMENTATION: Create and set up your personalized investment portfolio.
  4. FOLLOW-UP: Review the plan over the years, based on changes to your personal situation and finances.

What sets us apart

In the investment field, the ability to listen and understand a client’s needs is the key to a healthy business relationship. François makes it a point to understand your needs and work closely with other professionals (tax specialists, lawyers, etc.) to help you achieve your goals. As a financial planner, he can provide advice for your long-term planning needs, as well as your day-to-day portfolio management.




Attention to detail


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