Georges Lachapelle, MBA, LL.B.

Investment Advisor

T 418-650-9410 ext. 5025242

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Languages: French, English


A lawyer by training and the holder of an MBA from Université Laval, Mr. Lachapelle has worked in business for most of his professional life, including six years with a public company, before turning to securities trading.

He seeks clients who are active in business and who have a good understanding of the current economic environment.


Helping my clients achieve and experience a pleasant and serene retirement, with peace of mind regarding their investments.

Investment Philosophy

In the current environment, I recommend a broad diversification of investments so that, wherever the economy may be headed, my clients can earn a long-term yield that will lead them peacefully to retirement.

What sets us apart

My knowledge of markets and financial products is based on hard work and extensive reading. As such, I can suggest the most appropriate products that most closely fit each client's profile.


Work, honesty, transparency, skill and active listening.

Service Offer

Based on a solid understanding of your goals and your risk tolerance, the financial toolkit as a whole (bonds, convertible debentures, stocks, options, mutual funds, hedge funds and specialized investments) can be used to fulfil your goals.


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