Jean-François Halley, BBA, CIM

Wealth Manager

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Jean-François Halley holds a bachelor's degree in business administration with a finance major from HEC Montréal. He earned the Canadian Securities Manager designation in 2006.

Jean-François Halley Team

Jean-François Halley Team


To strive for excellence in the quality of advice and service, with a commitment to integrity and transparency.

Investment Philosophy

Whatever your investor profile, achieving your investment goals is contingent on your return. The financial markets have evolved over the past decade, becoming more volatile and complex.

Our objective is to maximize your return, so we favour a balanced distribution of your assets through different types of investments and careful risk management.

The active and dynamic investing process

Our philosophy is based on principles of conservative and proven investment management backed by fundamental and technical research.

  • Portfolios are diversified and designed to offer investors long-term growth.
  • They aim to produce sustained, above-average returns, despite an increasingly unstable economic environment.
  • Risk is reduced by avoiding speculative securities and promoting well-managed companies with good financial health that have proven their worth.

What sets us apart

A strong team

Jean-François Halley Team relies on a personalized approach to meet the real-time requirements of today's investors.

We carefully analyze your unique needs to offer made-to-measure solutions for judicious investment management, effective retirement planning, and the protection—or even growth—of your financial wealth.

Our skills, integrity and dedication have enabled them to forge close ties with our clients over the years.

Dynamic and enthusiastic finance professionals

Jean-François Halley Team has long understood that by pooling our skills and expertise and focusing our energies on developing winning strategies, our clients would be the first to benefit.

Looking out for the best interests of the people we serve, we readily consult external experts (accountants, tax experts, notaries, etc.) to ensure we always provide sound wealth management advice.


The world of finance can appear quite complex for those who don’t have the time to track its ups and downs. Accordingly, we have established 3 core values to better serve you:

  • Transparency
  • Ethics
  • Attentiveness

These values guide our investment choices and enable us to establish relationships of trust with all our clients. As soon as we identify your financial needs and objectives, you’ll be able to fully benefit from our advice.

Service Offer

Our aspiration

To provide our clients with an unparalleled experience by creating a strong and lasting relationship based on trust.

 Getting to know you

Everyone has the different objectives and expectations, so we take the time to listen to you and fully review your assets and liabilities (lines of credit, credit cards, etc.) To determine your investor profile.

Our recommendation

After analyzing your situation carefully, we’ll propose an investment strategy tailored to your needs and risk tolerance.

Continual assessment

We watch over your assets and adjust them over time to meet changing conditions.

Our fee structure

Freedom of choice!

In order to better meet your needs, we offer you the flexibility to choose among several fee options.

Discretionary management:

Professional fees are calculated on a percentage of your assets, so it is to your advantage to group your portfolio with those of your family members. Fees are tax-deductible for non-registered accounts.

Full-service brokerage:

A commission is charged after each transaction.

Elite Program:

This exclusive Desjardins Securities program offers fee-based rather than commission-based advisory services, so you can enjoy the same benefits as for discretionary management accounts.


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