Serge Côté

Investment Advisor

T 450-671-7608

Languages: French, English


With a passion for stock markets for more than 40 years, Mr. Côté has been an advisor at Desjardins Securities since 2006. His broad investment experience contributes to relationships of trust with his clients.

Selected in April 2009 by the Desjardins Financial Centre, he collaborates in business development and asset repatriation for this important Mouvement Desjardins component.

The clientele he seeks: affluent people, professionals and business owners with assets of $250,000 or more to invest.


His mission is to offer his clients a customized investment strategy, to execute it carefully and to monitor investments rigorously.

At the same time, he takes account of market trends and volatility in analyzing all possible means of fulfilling his clients’ financial goals.

Investment Philosophy

  • The priority is to favour protection of your assets, taking account of your risk tolerance.
  • Investing in excellent companies.
  • Being enormously patient in terms of the price to pay for these excellent companies.
  • Not trying to predict the unpredictable.

What sets us apart

  • His active management for his clients, taking advantage of the many opportunities on the markets.
  • His added value resulting from his strategic investment process for his clients’ portfolios.
  • His investment experience and his abilities to detect investment market opportunities.


The values that determine his conduct:

  • His rigour as well as his passion for stock markets and for his work.
  • His responsibility toward his clients, who indicated their trust in him, as well as his role as a trustee in the management of their assets.
  • His natural empathy.
  • His strong sense of ethics in performing his work.
  • The simplicity of his investment methodology and his talent for making market complexity more understandable.

Service Offer

Managing risk, while giving priority to the preservation and growth of clients’ assets by striving to:

  • Seek the best business models that fit your needs.
  • Find the most lucrative investments in accordance with your risk tolerance.
  • Accompany and guide you in fulfilling your financial goals.
  • Provide great accessibility at all times.


Desjardins Securities at Brossard

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Brossard (Québec) J4Y 0L3

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