Terms of Use - Fingerprint unlock service (the “Service”)

By signing up for the Service, you accept the following terms of use. These terms are in addition to the Desjardins Securities Internet terms of use and are deemed to be an integral part thereof. In the terms below, “you” means “the user” within the meaning of the Internet terms of use.

All fingerprints recorded in your device allow you to identify and authenticate yourself to gain access to the Internet service. It is both your access code/user code and password. You must therefore ensure that only your fingerprints are recorded in the device on which you are activating the Service.

You may sign up for the Service on only one device. If you wish to add a device to the Service, you must sign up again on the other device and the other device must be eligible for the Service.

For security reasons, if you add a new fingerprint to your device after having signed up for the Service, the Service will automatically be deactivated on the device and you will have to sign up for the Service again to be able to use it. Signing up for the Service is optional. At no time do Desjardins Group components have access to your fingerprint data.

Adding your fingerprint to your device is subject to other terms of use that are not established by Desjardins Group entities (i.e., manufacturer's terms and conditions). Desjardins Group has no control over these terms, which you must also have accepted before you can sign up for the Service.