Martin Gilbert

Investment Advisor

T 418-833-4414

Languages: French


Mr. Gilbert worked for more than five years as an insurance broker in a major brokerage in the Quebec City area before joining Desjardins Securities in 2001. This experience enables him to provide a wider range of skills in his approach to his clientele.


Being available to help you fulfil your financial goals in accordance with your risk tolerance, using simple products that fit your needs.

Investment Philosophy

I favour a frank and honest approach with my clients while providing customized advice to investors who seek a long-term financial plan. I regard my clients as business partners.

What sets us apart

I offer wealth management service to my clients, enabling them to have a customized plan based on their real needs.


  • Honesty
  • Simplicity
  • Availability

Service Offer

Asset allocation, tax and investment strategy, guidance for clients who own management companies, discretionary management with the Darwin program.


Desjardins Securities at Lévis

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Suite 80
Lévis (Québec) G6V 4Z2

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