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Languages: French, English


After earning his degree in administration from Cégep de Trois-Rivières, Philip Goyette held several positions before joining the Desjardins Securities team in June 2002. He has more than 20 years of experience working for the organization, giving him extensive expertise with entrepreneurs and business people.

Although known for his in-depth knowledge of tax shelters and meticulous portfolio management skills, it's undoubtedly his human side and interpersonal skills that have made his long-standing clients so loyal.

Goyette Bonin Team

Our professionals stand out from the rest thanks to their years of experience, in-depth knowledge of financial products, and firm grasp on the wealth management strategies they employ.


We’re committed to providing you with wealth management services and advice that meet the highest standards.

We’re here to:

  • Help you reach your financial goals by making sure your asset allocation is optimal and in line with your investor profile
  • Suggest tax-efficient portfolio management strategies
  • Provide comprehensive and personalized support at every step of your financial journey

Investment Philosophy

Managing your wealth requires a team of experts and a global view of your investments. We work together to determine your ideal asset allocation and the best strategies to adopt. We're here to help you and keep you informed, so you can avoid making any impulse decisions.

By remaining cool-headed and methodical, investors are more likely to reach their financial goals, regardless of market conditions.

What sets us apart

Our approach was designed to meet the needs of our mass affluent and high net worth clientele. Its focus is on maintaining high quality standards and providing specialized services.

Your personalized experience with us would look like this:

  1. Build our relationship
  • Understand your needs
  • Set objectives
  • Create your investor profile
  • Take stock of your assets
  1. Develop and present solutions
  • Recommend tax-smart solutions that are adapted to your needs
  • Develop investment strategies to meet your needs
  1. Implement strategies
  • Execute your investment plan or build your portfolio
  1. Follow up and build on our relationship
  • Assess your results
  • Ensure that your objectives still make sense for your personal and financial circumstances
  • Rebalance and adjust your portfolio


Attentiveness: We're attuned to your needs and have your best interests at heart, because our goal is to help you achieve yours.

Diligence: Serving you is important to us. So whatever your request, you can expect objectivity, rigour and diligence. We don't leave anything to chance.

Transparency: We believe clear, honest communication is vital to cultivating healthy, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Service Offer

Accounts and complementary services

Account types

  • Regular accounts
  • Margin accounts
  • Registered retirement plans (RRSP, RRIF, LIF, LIRA)
  • Tax-free savings accounts (TFSA)
  • Registered education savings plans (RESP)
  • Canadian and US dollar accounts

Complementary services

  • Tax, estate, financial and retirement planning
  • Insurance analysis and advice
  • Banking offer*:
    • Unlimited transactions
    • 100 free cheques per year
    • Free safety deposit box
    • Credit card with no annual fee (World Elite or Infinite)
    • Free legal and health assistance services

    *Services offered by Desjardins Wealth Management, Desjardins Signature Service or the Desjardins caisse network

Service offers for all business types

Foundations, NPOs and community organizations

We offer customized asset management services for foundations, NPOs and community organizations.

We understand that these organizations face specific challenges, and our services are tailored to reflect their mission statement and investment policies.

Holding companies and trusts

We have the skills to soundly manage investments for businesses with complex structures.

Business owners and high earners

We have a number of tax-efficient solutions to propose:

  • Individual pension plan (IPP)
    • Higher contributions than those authorized for RRSPs
    • Contributions that are deductible from your business income
  • Trusts for families, foundations or asset protection
  • Business financing
    • We work closely with experts from Desjardins Business centres to develop solutions for your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

Biographies of my colleagues

  • William Bonin, BBA

    Wealth Manager

    T 819-693-1981

    Languages: French, English


    William Bonin has a bachelor's degree in business administration with a focus on finance from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and has worked for Desjardins Group since 2017.

    Before joining Desjardins Securities, he served as a financial security advisor specializing in the protection and optimal transfer of wealth for a dedicated clientele at Desjardins Financial Security. His expertise in this field allows him to take bold action while thoroughly identifying all the risks inherent to wealth management.

    He is conscientious and detail-oriented, and he puts the well-being of his clients first. His proactive attitude and drive lead him to consistently offer added value, regardless of the situation.

  • Jérémy Jussaume Bouchard,

    Wealth Management Assistant

    Languages: French, English

    Prior to joining Desjardins Securities, Jérémy received helicopter pilot training. In his current role, he's responsible for administrative tasks as well as our team's process structure. Jérémy is known for his discipline, diligence and excellent customer service. He's passionate about finance and current events and is eager to refine his wealth management knowledge.
  • Alain Saint-Jacques, M. Sc.

    Business Transfer Coach

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborator | Desjardins Securities Inc.

    Alain has more than 15 years of experience supporting entrepreneurs. He has helped establish dozens of cooperatives in different regions across Quebec and used his expertise to serve more than 500 entrepreneurs in the process of transferring their business.

    He works with all types of transfers—family, internal, external and collective—relating to businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of business sectors.

    He's known for his analytical skills and his ability to synthesize, and he is passionate about business development and the work of entrepreneurs. A relationship of trust is at the heart of all of his projects.

  • Hany Malek, BBA, F. Pl

    Financial Planner

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborator | Desjardins Trust Inc.

    Hany Malek has a master's degree in management from the Institut Supérieur Européen de Gestion in Strasbourg (2003) and has graduated from the Institut québecois de planification financière (IQPF). He's been working in the financial industry for 20 years, including nearly 18 years as a financial planner in wealth management. He uses a rigorous and high-quality approach to help clients reach their financial goals.

  • Équipe de notaires,

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborators | Desjardins Wealth Management


    Anne-Marie Fournier is a financial planner and notary. She currently serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Geneviève Forest is a notary and serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Geneviève D'Amours, who has been a notary since 2009, serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Amandine Bourillon has completed studies in notarial law in both France and Quebec and is a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    André Auclair is a notary and serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Catherine Beauchamp is a notary and is currently a team leader and senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.

  • Claude Desautels, R.L.U., F. Pl

    Financial Security Advisor

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborators | Desjardins Securities Financial services inc.

    Claude has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, including several years with Desjardins Securities Financial Services. He holds a degree from HEC Montréal in business management and Université Laval in financial planning. As a financial security advisor, he's also a certified financial planner and life and health insurer. Early on, he focused his professional practice on identifying the financial needs of high-net-worth clients and mastering the tools to solve estate problems. 

  • Équipe de conseillers principaux en fiscalité,

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborators | Wealth Management

    Jérôme Dostie-Bourgault

    A lawyer by trade for over 10 years, Jérôme specialized in international taxation with a global professional services firm. He quickly turned his attention to individuals facing challenges abroad—particularly in the United States—whether in business or not.

    Mathieu Pelletier

    Mathieu has a master's degree in taxation and has been working as a tax specialist since 2016 after many years as a financial planner at Desjardins. As a tax specialist, Mathieu has helped business owners with every aspect of their business journey, from the earliest stages to the end of their career, including the sale or transfer of their business.

    Stéphane Thibault

    Stéphane is a chartered professional accountant with a master's degree in tax law. Over the last 15 years, he's gained solid expertise in Canadian and Quebec taxation. He developed in-depth knowledge of tax rules for individuals and businesses, as well as investment, savings and retirement vehicles.


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