Steven Charest, CIM®

Portfolio Manager, Senior Wealth Manager

T 418-833-8599

Languages: French, English


With a passion for investment going back more than 15 years, Mr. Charest has worked at Desjardins Securities since 2010.

He is always on the outlook for well managed companies that can help clients' capital grow with reasonable risk. He specializes in small-cap and large-cap U.S. and Canadian equities.

His client base consists of entrepreneurs, professionals and retirees who show an interest in financial markets without necessarily having the time and knowledge to optimize the management of their wealth.

Charest Turcotte Poulin Group

A Passionate Team

We’re a team of investment advisors who are passionate about the stock market and have proven expertise in the financial industry. We’re committed to offering unparalleled advisory services and putting people first. We treat our clients how we want to be treated—with respect and integrity.


We’re committed to offering you an investment experience that maximizes results. We use a distinct and unique approach based on proper advice and a targeted service offer, so we’re able to recommend the best solutions to help you achieve your life goals.

What sets us apart

A different financial services experience

We prioritize meeting your needs and are committed to serving you better. We want to play a key role in your financial success. To do this, we focus on building personalized relationship with our clients.


Our values form the basis of the Charest Turcotte Group. We’re committed to you no matter what happens in the financial markets.

Transparency: We demonstrate integrity in our everyday activities.

Commitment: We support our clients with passion and enthusiasm.

Professionalism: We’re thorough and use our expertise to serve our clients.

Attentiveness: We listen to you and pay special attention to what you have to say.

Service Offer

  • Wealth management: active portfolio management
  • Investment advisory services: unique stock selection offer
  • Financial and retirement planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Customized communication plan
  • Competitive rates
  • Availability and mobility

Biographies of my colleagues

  • David Turcotte, B.Sc., CIM®

    Portfolio Manager, Wealth Manager

    T 418-833-3401

    Languages: French, English


    David Turcotte has a bachelor’s degree in applied sciences from Université Laval. He has been passionate about the financial markets and tax strategies for more than 20 years.

    When David selects stocks for his clients, he draws on the approach used by individuals who have excelled at stock selection, and on the investment philosophies of Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch.

    David specializes in the technology industry and has excellent knowledge and understanding about this ever-changing sector. He is able to explain things using simple language to help his clients build a diversified portfolio with peace of mind.

  • Raphaël Biron-Ouellet, BBA

    Wealth Manager

    T 418-692-3867

    Languages: French, English


    Raphaël has a bachelor's degree in business administration, with a specialization in finance, from Université Laval. He's completed the Canadian Securities Course, the Conduct and Practices Handbook Course and the Wealth Management Essentials Course from the Canadian Securities Institute.

    Raphaël has been with Desjardins Securities since 2017 and has recently joined the Charest Turcotte Group, where he's excited to put his skills to work for our clients.

    With a deep interest in financial markets, Raphaël contributes to portfolio management by conducting research and analysis on different securities. He's also responsible for following up with clients.

  • Gabriel Simard, Eng.

    Associate Wealth Management Advisor

    T 418-650-6493

    Languages: French

    Gabriel has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Université Laval. He has successfully completed the Canadian Securities Institute training required to become an associate wealth management advisor on our team.

    Gabriel is passionate about the financial sector and works with portfolio managers to optimize strategies to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Authentic and proactive, he makes sure he's tuned in to the needs of clients and colleagues. His people-focused approach to practice is an asset to our team's customer service.

  • Nathalie Camba,

    Assistant Wealth Management Advisor

    T 418-692-1890

    Languages: French

    Nathalie has been working in securities since 1998. With 20 years of industry experience working for several major institutions, she has developed extensive knowledge that our clients and team now benefit from. Nathalie has been with the Charest Turcotte Group since July 2022. She's responsible for client relations and plays an administrative role within the team. Her professionalism, strong organizational skills and commitment to providing outstanding service make her a valuable asset to our group.

  • Anny L'Italien,

    Wealth Management Associate

    T 418-833-8632

    Languages: French

    Anny started working in the securities industry in 2006. She offers our members and clients more than 15 years of experience and the valuable knowledge she gained while working for several large firms.

    In February 2021, she joined Groupe Charest Turcotte, where she oversees administrative and client services, and makes a difference with her dedicated and attentive approach. As a proactive, dynamic and efficient professional, Anny is known for being task-oriented and consistently delivering outstanding service. She is an important asset to the team.

  • Jennyfer Blouin, B.A.

    Wealth Management Assistant

    T 418-692-3668 ext. 5112001

    Languages: French


    Jennyfer has a bachelor's degree and is currently studying to earn a master's in business administration (MBA) at Université Laval. She has been a Desjardins employee for more than 7 years, during which time her ability to learn and her desire to perfect her knowledge of the financial sector have set her apart.

    In 2021, she earned her Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS) designation. At Groupe Charest Turcotte, she helps with financial planning for high-net-worth clients with complex needs.

  • Robert Tremblay, MBA, CPA

    Financial Planner

    Languages: French


    Robert Tremblay has more than 20 years of experience in the finance industry. He holds a master's degree in business administration (MBA) and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and financial planner (F.Pl.). Since 2005, he's been with Desjardins Group, where he has significantly improved our wealth management expertise and quality standards.

    Robert serves our clients by using his knowledge to protect and maximize the value of their assets. Among other things, he plays a key role in developing financial and tax strategies that meet the needs of our high-net-worth clients. His personal, tailored approach helps our clients meet their needs and achieve their goals.

  • Alain Chevalier, MBA, F. Pl

    Business Transfer Coach

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborator | Desjardins Securities Inc.

    Alain Chevalier has over 45 years of experience in the banking industry. He has held different positions within companies involved in financial planning and advisory services.

    By drawing on a coaching approach, he has been able to give a human dimension to his financial planning knowledge, and he has supported more than 1,000 business owners reflect on and carry out their plans to transfer or sell their business. Positioning himself as a coach, he works to ensure that all parties involved can collaborate to achieve a common goal.

  • Équipe de notaires,

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborators | Desjardins Wealth Management


    Anne-Marie Fournier is a financial planner and notary. She currently serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Geneviève Forest is a notary and serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Geneviève D'Amours, who has been a notary since 2009, serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Amandine Bourillon has completed studies in notarial law in both France and Quebec and is a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    André Auclair is a notary and serves as a senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.



    Catherine Beauchamp is a notary and is currently a team leader and senior estate planning advisor at Desjardins Wealth Management.

  • Jeffrey Morrow,

    Financial Security Advisor

    Languages: French

    Collaborators | Desjardins Securities Financial services inc.

    Jeffrey has a bachelor's degree in accounting and an MBA in financial planning. He's been a financial security advisor with a major Canadian insurer for more than seven years. His clients appreciate being clear in their explanations and following up. Jeffrey is very thorough when it comes to optimizing a strategy. He's well versed in tax matters.

  • Équipe de conseillers principaux en fiscalité,

    Languages: French, English

    Collaborators | Wealth Management

    Jérôme Dostie-Bourgault

    A lawyer by trade for over 10 years, Jérôme specialized in international taxation with a global professional services firm. He quickly turned his attention to individuals facing challenges abroad—particularly in the United States—whether in business or not.

    Mathieu Pelletier

    Mathieu has a master's degree in taxation and has been working as a tax specialist since 2016 after many years as a financial planner at Desjardins. As a tax specialist, Mathieu has helped business owners with every aspect of their business journey, from the earliest stages to the end of their career, including the sale or transfer of their business.

    Stéphane Thibault

    Stéphane is a chartered professional accountant with a master's degree in tax law. Over the last 15 years, he's gained solid expertise in Canadian and Quebec taxation. He developed in-depth knowledge of tax rules for individuals and businesses, as well as investment, savings and retirement vehicles.


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