Tomi Houle

Wealth Manager

T 514-876-7338

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Languages: French


  • Working in the financial industry since 2001
  • Joined Desjardins Securities as a wealth manager in 2011
  • Has extensive expertise with health professionals due to his experience as an advisor with a firm associated with the FMSQ, ACDQ and AQPP
  • Designated Financial Security Advisor

On our team, Tomi's role is proposing long-term investment strategies while optimizing all aspects of financial planning. He is willing to work with external partners if needed. Thanks to his expertise in finance and in-depth knowledge of what doctors, dentists and pharmacists experience, he offers some of the most comprehensive financial services for health professionals in Quebec.

Colella-Houle Team


Our team is all about building strong relationships with clients. We strive to give them the peace of mind to retire comfortably and provide a smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation, all while positively impacting the communities we serve.

Investment Philosophy

Risk management and diversification by sector and region are at the heart of our investment philosophy.

Whether you're focusing on capital security or growth, we have the solutions that will meet your investment goals and risk tolerance.

What sets us apart

Our added value

By choosing our team, you'll benefit from a unique approach and level of attention to detail. Whatever your need, our vast network of contacts allows us to quickly find solutions and opportunities.

Your well-being, your needs and your goals are the heart of what we do, and we're committed to always working in your best interest to exceed your expectations.


Loyalty to our clients, listening and being proactive are values that describe us best.

Service Offer

Comprehensive wealth management services

Our accounts and products

We specialize in various types of accounts:

  • Personal accounts
  • Business accounts
  • In-trust accounts
  • Foundation accounts


Our main products:

  • Common shares and preferred shares
  • Municipal and corporate bonds
  • Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • High-interest accounts and GICs
  • Options strategies
  • Structured notes


Account types:

  • Cash accounts
  • Margin accounts
  • Individual pension plans (IPPs)


Services offered in collaboration with Desjardins Securities Financial Services, caisses or credit unions or external professionals, or any of their intermediaries:

  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Critical illness and healthcare insurance
  • Annuities
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Credit
  • Mortgages
  • Financing, evaluation, business mergers and acquisitions
  • Group RRSPs
  • Trusts
  • Foundations


Biographies of my colleagues

  • Lorenzo Colella,

    Wealth Manager

    T 514-876-7839

    Languages: French, English, Italian


    • Working in the financial industry since 1994
    • Joined Desjardins Securities as a wealth manager in 2011
    • Expert in options and derivatives strategies

     Lorenzo's role on our team consists of making decisions on asset allocation and developing investment strategies, all while ensuring tax optimization for our portfolios. He understands the drive entrepreneurs have and the challenges they face, having himself owned a restaurant since the age of 24. As someone with a passion for the economy and the stock market, he developed his practice over time to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and their financial goals.

    Drawing on his strong financial background, he excels at options strategies and protecting his clients' assets from market downturns.

  • Alexandru Barsan,

    Wealth Management Associate

    T 514-281-3464

    Languages: French, English, Romanian

    • Working in the financial industry since 2020
    • Joined Desjardins Securities in 2021
    • Is doing training with the CSI to further extend his knowledge
    • Is continuing his studies to become a financial planner

    As part of our team, Alexandru mainly focuses on transactions and client experience. He delivers high-quality service and manages our clients' files meticulously.


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