Lorenzo Colella

Lorenzo Colella

Investment Advisor

T 514-876-7839

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Languages: French, English, Italian


Mr. Colella has more than 18 years’ experience as an investment advisor. Continuing with his ongoing professional development, he has completed the basic Canadian Securities Institute courses in securities, licences and options. His client base consists of affluent people, including many entrepreneurs, corporate executives and health care professionals.


Staying on the lookout for opportunities and finding innovative solutions to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Investment Philosophy

We focus on North American blue chip stocks that pay high dividends. Which way should you be headed? We give priority to companies that combine the following elements: sound management, solid fundamental evaluation, policies that favour shareholders, and strong competitive advantages. We balance your portfolio based on your goals, advising you on the appropriate types of investments.

What sets us apart

Risk management and capital diversification lie at the heart of our management philosophy and greatly influence our investment decisions. We avoid investing too high a percentage in a single company, a single sector or a single region to be sure of getting the best risk/return ration. We use a certain customized options strategy to reduce risk and protect your portfolio against market uncertainties.


Trust, integrity, skill, accessibility, motivation and loyalty.

Service Offer

  • Day-to-day monitoring of managers and of the stocks in portfolios
  • Everyday availability for administrative matters, explanations and any change in your situation, goals or vision
  • Financial letters or information by e-mail
  • Customized investment policy statement
  • Communication process: meetings, reviews, follow-up, phone calls etc.
  • Online access to your portfolio


Desjardins Securities at Place Ville Marie

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Suite 1970
Montréal (Québec) H3B 0E8

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