Jean-Michel Breton, BBA, F. Pl

Wealth Manager

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Languages: French, English


  • Bachelor of business administration with a specialization in finance from Université Laval
  • Financial planner designation from the Institut québecois de planification financière (IQPF)
  • He has worked in the financial industry since 2010.

Mr. Breton began his career as a financial planner with a wealth management firm exclusively serving Canadian physicians.

His knowledge of taxation and experience in retirement planning ensure that our clients are well supported in achieving their financial goals. An overall analysis of your financial situation enables him to propose a financial plan tailored to your needs.

Attentive, thoughtful and consistent, Jean-Michel knows how to communicate his knowledge to our clients and team members.

Marcoux/Fortin Team

We are our clients' preferred partner for managing their investment portfolios, as well as establishing and monitoring their financial planning needs.

Trusted expertise

The wealth managers on our team stand out for their expertise, availability and the close relationships they've developed with their clients over the past 20 years.


As wealth managers, we support our clients in achieving their financial goals by proposing a personalized, disciplined approach that minimizes portfolio volatility and promotes capital protection.

Investment Philosophy

When it comes to investing, we favour a fundamental and prudent approach that enables us to combine income, long-term growth and capital stability.

Our stock selection process is rigorous, taking into account a number of criteria such as the value of a stock, the quality of the management team, the strength of the business, return on equity and business prospects.

These selection criteria enable us to weed out stocks with low return potential. We always seek to minimize portfolio volatility.

What sets us apart

We're here not only to guide you, but to help you understand the economic and financial events that can affect your portfolio.

Our support includes a monthly commentary on the markets and their movements.


Our values shape our team. We're attuned to your needs and have your best interests at heart, because our goal is to help you achieve yours.


We strive to maintain healthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients. That's why our communications with you are both open and transparent.


Our approach and solutions are designed to make life easier for you.


Serving you is important to us. So whatever your request, you can expect objectivity, rigour and diligence.

Service Offer

Our approach is simple and effective:

  • Getting to know you so we can understand your needs
  • Produce a financial plan based on your risk tolerance
  • Develop a customized strategy that reflects your needs
  • Implement your overall wealth management plan
  • Rebalance the portfolio according to the returns obtained

Our accounts and products

Choose the type of account that suits your financial situation and your needs:

  • Cash account
  • Margin account
  • Short margin accounts
  • Options margin accounts
  • Registered accounts (RRSP, LIRA, TFSA, RESP, RRIF, LIF)

 A wide range of investment products

We have an array of investment vehicles for every type of account or portfolio management:

  • Canadian, US and international equities
  • Federal, provincial, municipal and corporate bonds and debentures and strip coupons
  • Guaranteed investment certificates
  • Investment funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds
  • Private placements, alternative investments, structured products, etc.
  • Stock options, futures contracts and warrants*

* Read the document describing the risks inherent in options.

Biographies of my colleagues

  • François Marcoux, BBA, CIM®

    Portfolio Manager, Wealth Manager

    Languages: French, English

    • Bachelor's degree in business administration from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    • Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)
    • With Desjardins Securities since 2004

    Before joining Desjardins Securities, he worked as a manager in a manufacturing company. As a result, he has an excellent understanding of the organizational issues from which our business clients can benefit.

    His solid expertise in the North American equity and government bond markets enables him to provide balanced portfolio management aimed at limiting volatility and increasing returns. 

    Passionate, attentive and caring, François listens to our clients and makes sure their specific needs are understood and taken care of. Surrounded by a multidisciplinary team, he implements simple, effective and efficient solutions to meet our clients' financial objectives.

  • Frédéric Fortin, MPM, CIM®, CPA

    Portfolio Manager, Wealth Manager

    T 418-650-6350

    Languages: French, English

    • Master's degree in project management
    • Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)
    • Member of the Quebec CPA Order.
    • Joined Desjardins Securities in 2007

    Combining his expertise in company analysis with his vast knowledge of the stock markets, Frédéric excels in implementing technological tools to seize the best opportunities offered by the markets.

    Frédéric has an inquisitive and analytical mind. He can easily popularize the most abstract economic and financial concepts to make them accessible to everyone. Our clients' satisfaction is at the heart of his practice.

  • Renée-Claude Jacques,

    Wealth Manager

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025345

    Languages: French

    • Certificate in Advanced Investment Advice from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI).
    • With Desjardins since 2010

    As part of our team, Ms. Jacques is involved in portfolio management and business development. Attentive and dedicated, she's also responsible for accompanying our clients on their path to retirement.

    Working in the financial sector since 1998, her extensive experience, organizational skills and leadership are undeniable assets when it comes to human resources management and administrative processes.

  • Jacinthe Chatigny,

    Wealth Management Associate

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025212

    Languages: French

    • Certificate in insurance and financial intervention from Université du Québec à Montréal
    • Certificate in administration from Université du Québec à Rimouski
    • With Desjardins since 1993

    Jacinthe Châtigny joined our team in 2014. Efficient, organized and with an uncommon attention to detail, she supports the team in transactional processes. She makes every effort to offer exceptional client service

  • Florence M Cloutier, BBA

    Wealth Management Associate

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025285

    Languages: French, English

    • Bachelor of business administration from Université Laval
    • With Desjardins Securities since 2020

    Working in securities since 2014, Ms. Cloutier coordinates operations and ensures that internal processes are followed.

    She's proactive, rigorous and highly organized, qualities that are appreciated by all our clients.

  • Marylène Simard,

    Wealth Management Assistant

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025712

    Languages: French, English

    • Secretarial training
    • With Desjardins since 2000

    Ms. Simard joined Team Marcoux Fortin in 2020. Attentive and dedicated, she supports our team members in all administrative processes and activities. She's also responsible for after-sales service.

  • Cindy Frigault,

    Wealth Management Assistant

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025260

    Languages: French, English

    • Office management technician
    • With Desjardins Securities since 2021

    Ms. Frigault has many years of experience in client service and management. As part of our team, she's responsible for pension plan administration and administrative support.

    Proactive and rigorous, she has great organizational skills. Professional and dynamic, she provides outstanding client service.


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