Renée-Claude Jacques

Investment Advisor

T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025345

Languages: French


Ms. Jacques has over 20 years of experience in the securities industry. She joined the Marcoux/Fortin team in 2011. Her role on our team is to follow up with clients and collaborate in discretionary management.

Marcoux/Fortin Team

The choice of an advisor in the management of your assets is a significant decision in fulfilling your financial goals. Our team is here to guide you along your way. Our expertise in customized investment management and the selection of blue chip stocks will help you meet your goals.


Our mission is to help our clients fulfil their financial goals by minimizing volatility in their portfolios and promoting capital protection through a disciplined approach and rigorous monitoring.

Investment Philosophy

We favour a fundamental and prudent approach as we attempt to conciliate income, long-term growth and capital stability.

We know that peace of mind is essential for you.

The value of a stock, the quality of a management team, a company’s strength, its return on equity and its business prospects are among the factors that influence our selection process.

What sets us apart

Our stock selection criteria try to eliminate companies with weak earnings prospects. We seek to minimize volatility in portfolios. 

We are here to guide you.

A well structured portfolio will help you maintain a focus on your strategy. Our system of regular follow-ups and our monthly market comments will keep you informed.


Our values are integrity, respect and rigour.

We like to make things simple and clearly understandable for clients. The financial services industry is becoming more complex, but the reality is that everything relies on stock and bond markets.

Service Offer

Our approach is simple and effective:

  • Knowing you.
  • Establishing your financial profile and risk tolerance.
  • Developing a customized strategy that fits your needs.
  • Examining results and conducting a meticulous follow-up.
  • Updating your file and adjusting it, if required.

Biographies of my colleagues

  • François Marcoux, BBA, CIM®

    Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

    Languages: French, English

    Mr. Marcoux previously headed a manufacturing company. He has a sound knowledge of corporate organizational issues. He has been with Desjardins Securities since 2004.

    He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a finance major, from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR).

  • Frédéric Fortin, MPM, CIM®, CPA, CMA

    Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

    T 418-659-8535

    Languages: French, English

    Mr Fortin, a former financial controller, joined Desjardins Securities in 2007.

    He has a master’s degree in project management from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) and holds the accounting titles of CPA and CMA.

  • Jean-Michel Breton, BBA, F. Pl

    Wealth Manager

    T 418-650-6350

    Languages: French


    Mr. Breton previously worked as a financial planner for a wealth management firm serving physicians. He has the experience and knowledge required to provide sound wealth management advice to incorporated professionals. He joined Desjardins Securities in 2022.

    He has a bachelor's degree in business administration (financial services major) from Université Laval and financial planner designation from the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF).

  • Jacinthe Chatigny,

    Wealth Management Associate

    T 418-650-6350 ext. 5025212

    Languages: French

    Ms. Chatigny holds a certificate in financial planning and has over 25 years of experience with Desjardins Group. She joined the Marcoux/Fortin team in 2014. Her attention to detail makes her an outstanding collaborator in all aspects of the transactional process.


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