Martin Tremblay, BBA, F. Pl

Wealth Manager

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Languages: French


Passionate and committed

  • 25 years of experience with Desjardins Group
  • Bachelor's degree in business administration, with a specialization in finance
  • Member of the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF)

In December 2014, Martin joined TL Group as an investment advisor and financial planner. He is in charge of business development and client relations. He's known for his financial planning expertise and keen ability to develop comprehensive wealth management strategies.

Martin is full of energy. He's involved in organizing various activities, which helps him learn more about his clients and guide them towards strategies, products and services that meet their needs.

TL Group

Group TL is a regional team of experts offering personalized portfolio management and wealth management services. We take a holistic approach to meeting the full range of our clients’ financial needs. Specifically, our team is made up of financial planners, all members of the Institut québécois de la planification financière, and seasoned portfolio managers who are also chartered investment managers. We take the time to fully understand our clients’ goals so we can meet and manage their expectations based on their priorities. Above all, we work to ensure that their investments align with the needs and realities of their financial plan.

We’re there for our clients at all stages of theirs lives, so we can be ready to help them through any challenges and changes that arise. The backbone of our service offering is the trusting relationships we build and the availability we have for our clients.



As empathetic, accessible and professional partners, we want to build trusting and respectful relationships with our clients. We’ll tailor our approach to your financial situation to offer you and your family a holistic approach to wealth and portfolio management.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on a process that starts with your investor profile, which reflects the risk you’re willing to accept relative to the expected return. This helps us match your profile with the right investment approach.


Here’s what our investment approach boils down to:

  1. Global economic analysis (quantitative and qualitative)
  2. Asset selection and allocation by sector and geography
  3. Conviction-based positions, targets and investment strategies
  4. A decision-making matrix combining fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis for selecting investments
  5. Tracking and adjusting targets and repositioning as needed

What sets us apart

We’ll guide you through all the stages of your financial life. We’re here to grow with you based on your needs, priorities and goals.

  1. Wealth accumulation: Savings, financing, children’s education, insurance needs, marital and legal status
  2. Wealth protection: Portfolio management, savings strategies (RRSP, RESP, TFSA, holding company), retirement planning, insurance strategies (personal, wealth generation, disability), tax optimization, will and estate planning
  3. Wealth transfer: Optimizing retirement income and disbursement, wealth transfer and estate settlement, planned giving and philanthropy


Integrity: We strive to work in your interest and that of your family at all times.

Transparency: We use simple terms to explain our financial planning strategies and our investment decisions. We also use a fee-based compensation structure.

Consideration: We work with our clients by listening to them and being attuned to their priorities to best meet their needs.

Performance: We provide high-quality services by taking the time to find the best possible options for all the financial spheres of your life.

Service Offer

A comprehensive range of wealth management services tailored to your needs. We offer personalized coaching with regular meetings to cover all aspects of your life, now and for the future:

  • Budget management, investment management, debt management, retirement planning, tax planning, accumulation strategies, decumulation strategies, wills and estate planning, philanthropy, education planning for children or grandchildren, insurance planning, and marital status and legal planning.


We also put a strong focus on personalized advice. We work with a multidisciplinary team of Desjardins Wealth Management tax experts and legal advisors who can guide your decisions and work closely with the professionals you already trust.

Biographies of my colleagues

  • Janick Tremblay, BBA, CIM®, F. Pl

    Portfolio Manager, Senior Wealth Manager

    T 418-693-0207 ext. 5072005

    Languages: French, English


    People-focused and proactive

    • 25 years of experience in the specialized financial services industry
    • Bachelor's degree in business administration, with a specialization in finance
    • Member of the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF)
    • Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®)

    Janick joined Desjardins Group in 1997, and worked in the business services sector until 2008. She has developed in-depth knowledge of business owners' specific needs in terms of both credit and savings. She has also formed teams specializing in the real estate and institutional sectors.

    In 2009, she switched over to wealth management, first as a business development manager at Caisse Desjardins de Chicoutimi and later as an investment advisor and partner at TL Group. As a portfolio manager, Janick oversees the investment committee and the discretionary management team.

    In 2022, she won the Inspiring Leader award from Desjardins Securities for her community involvement and support for several philanthropic causes. Janick is also passionate about making sure that women are well represented in finance.

  • Paul Claveau, BBA, CIM®

    Assistant Wealth Management Advisor

    T 418-693-0207 ext. 5072072

    Languages: French


    Curious and well informed

    • 4 years of experience in financial services
    • Bachelor's degree in business administration, with a specialization in finance
    • Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®)

    In March 2020, Paul joined TL Group and has since developed extensive knowledge of the financial markets and the current economic situation. He sits on the investment committee and is involved in developing tools to help build portfolios. Paul is passionate about the stock market. He actively monitors the economy and seeks new investment opportunities on a regular basis.

  • Philippe Simard, BBA

    Assistant Wealth Management Advisor

    T 418-693-0207 ext. 5072006

    Languages: French


    Keen and highly skilled!

    • 6 years of experience in financial services
    • Bachelor's degree in business administration, with a specialization in finance

    Philippe worked as an advisor in the caisse network before joining TL Group in 2022. His main role within the team is to oversee the development of the wealth management services offer, so that he can provide clients with sound advice based on their needs.

    He also sits on the investment committee, equipping him to make the best asset management decisions for his clients. Philippe is continuing to refine his knowledge so that he can become a portfolio manager and wealth manager.

  • Marie-Hélène Baron,

    Wealth Management Assistant

    T 418-693-6375

    Languages: French


    Professional and conscientious

    • 20 years of experience in customer service

    Marie-Hélène is responsible for liaising between managers and clients. She plays a key role in Martin's activities and is known for her exceptional efficiency and problem-solving abilities.

    Marie-Hélène is in charge of opening accounts, ensuring compliance and following up with administrative tasks. She also ensures that she provides impeccable service that fully meets the needs and expectations of TL Group clients.

  • Frédérique Baron St-Pierre,

    Wealth Management Assistant

    T 418-693-0207 ext. 5072037

    Languages: French


    Efficient and attentive

    • 12 years of experience in customer service

    Frédérique has been part of TL Group since 2021. She is committed to giving all of our clients the best possible experience by providing them with high-quality, personalized service. Frédérique works closely with Janick to make sure that all client requests and demands are fulfilled.

    She contributes to the team's business development efforts, in particular by skillfully carrying out administrative tasks and marketing activities. Her listening skills, deep empathy and respectful attitude make her an asset to TL Group


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